Might it Work?

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My husband bought me a chocolate bar the other day, a Kit Kat, great, but considering I am trying to get in shape, not exactly conducive. BUT, chocolate is good for you! Especially within the first few minutes of eating it. So I wonder, if tonight, just as I am calling my editor to receive feedback on the second eighth of my book, will that make it easier to accept criticism???????????
I think it’s worth a try. I will report back on this.
Honestly, I may be a loser, but I’ve been surfing the internet for blogs or articles on how to deal better with criticism. And everything I read is right. I guess it’s a matter of practice, practice, practice. I did manage to find quite funny blogs in the process, including that called “Terrible Minds” at http://www.terribleminds.com/. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but the humour of the author is right up my alley and really makes the crap involved in the writing process seem more bearable. To make the ups and downs of being a writer the brunt of jokes is refreshing. There is so much serious talk out there. I think humanity is naturally drawn towards humour, as I am, which is why I recommend checking this site out for random talk about writing!
Anyways, I’m going to get that Kit Kat bar out at 7:15pm, call my editor at 7:16pm, and get right to business. She has a cap on our book-discussion time, which I think is good. Otherwise, the longer I deal with the constant critique, the more likely I am to go off the deep end of the Insanity Pool. Not to mention, said editor has not yet reached the halfway point of the book. So while I am accepting criticism, my inner voice is busy yapping away that she’s okay with the first 1/3 of the book’s plot… but that’s when all the stuff starts to happen. What if she hates the rest?! What about holes? Plot development errors? Contradictions? What if I missed something here? Why didn’t I explain why they did this or that?
Okay, enough of the insanity. Chocolate. That’s my plan.
**Sigh.** I wish she would finish the book already.

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