All I Want For Christmas… Kobo, Kindle, or Nook?

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… is an eReader!!!

I’m interested in the upcoming Kindle Touch 3G (coming out soon), because the price is right for the features. I’m leery to go Kobo because if their issues in uploading Smashwords novels into their system (to this day, Stolen Prey is awaiting loading), I think Nook is a good price, too, but the Simple Touch doesn’t offer 3G, which is important to me in Canada, since I wouldn’t have the AT&T or B&N free wireless access.

So, what I am I comparing, exactly?

The Kindle Touch 3G
($189) and the Nook Simple Touch ($99). I am guessing that the prices reflect the quality of the product, but you tell me. I just know that if I’m going to buy one, I’d rather pay a little extra for the quality rather than wishing I’d bought a better one a year down the line.

I do notice, though, that the Kindle Touch is not available for preorder in Canada. So, if I bought it in the US, would I be charged extra for using it in Canada? I could order the Kindle Keyboard 3G, so it appears.

Maybe I should go for Kobo, since it’s Canadian. Easy. Oy!

I am definitely leaning towards the Kindle Touch 3G. It seems to have what I am looking for. But I’m no expert on these things. I’ve actually been avoiding an eReader because I love holding a book.

BUT, in recent days, I’ve been meeting a lot of other authors, many of whom have books I’d love to read, but might only have them in eBook format. And, honestly, I’m not a fan of reading on the computer, because I do this all day, every day writing and revising my own books.

Because I’m no expert on these things, I’m asking for your opinions, everyone and anyone who has any experience with these products! Put your thoughts in the comments.

And then I’ll ask Santa, see what he decides!

Thanks, all!

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