Contest! Win 1 of 3 Stolen Prey eBooks!

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Yes, you heard it right! During the month of May, I am offering my fellow bloggers, readers, and fans the opportunity to win a free copy of Stolen Prey in eBook format! The winners will claim their eBook at Smashwords (see below).

I am giving away three copies this month. That’s a $7.99 value for FREE!
The contest begins today and ends May 31.
This is how it works:
1) ANYONE CAN ENTER. You must be a follower in order to enter the contest, though. You can follow via Google, Networked Blogs, or Feedburner (that’s where you subscribe to the blog through email – and you must verify your request to subscribe [if you follow the instructions you’ll know what this means]. I can see if you’re cheating 😉 !!)

2) Each comment equals one ballot entered into the draw. You may comment as many times as you choose, but please try to put some effort into your answer! (One word answers don’t suffice!)

3) What do you write in the comments? My upcoming novel, due to release by Christmas (fingers crossed) deals a bit with dreams. So, what I want to know is this:
Tell me about a scary dream you’ve had.
At the end of the month, I will be drawing three names/ballots from a hat. I will then email those three winners with the ‘free eBook’ coupon code. You will retrieve the eBook at Smashwords, where you can claim it in any format you choose. If you don’t have an eReader but still want to participate, you can also download a PDF version or read it online, you know, if you’re bored at work 😉 or something… not that I am condoning that sort of thing.
So ladies and gents, the contest starts NOW! Get your thinking/nightcaps on!
Don’t forget to watch in HD!!

One thought on “Contest! Win 1 of 3 Stolen Prey eBooks!

  1. I'll get started for all you shy people out there. I used to have terrifying dreams about "Bloody Mary" sucking my life away… and in my dreams I'd almost be dead when I woke up.

    I also had dreams that all my dolls would come to life. NOT like Chucky (I know everyone always says that) but just sweet dolls that would talk to me. Some weren't sweet, though, and would hunt me, chase me around the house.

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