A Stressful Dream for the Books

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Stressful. You think I was chased by rabid coyotes or hotel representatives wanting to give me a tour for free tickets. No, it was nothing like that. It was clothes, for God’s sake.
I think it started because of an email. My mom owns a boutique purse/shoe/clothing shop called Over Her Shoulder in London, ON. Well, yesterday she asked if I wanted to accompany her to one of the wholesale shows coming up. These shows are for shoes and fashion.
Now, I like to dress fashionably, or relatively so. But I am not a big clothes person. I don’t generally enjoy shopping, and I only buy things majorly discounted, like a five dollar tank top. So last night’s dream was a nightmare to me.
It started with my mother taking me to a ‘show’ (although it was more like a presentation with tables and chairs). Well, from the same ‘company’ (it’s only a small business, without a slew of employees like my dream portrayed) another two reps were sitting in our spots. Since my mom was the owner, she had the right to be there, but one snooty woman was taking my spot (since you’re only allowed 2 spots per company). In front of hundreds of people while being escorted out of there, I began to shout at how it wasn’t fair, I was invited fair and square, and I had left my one year old at home to attend, blah blah blah. Well, they let me stay. And people cheered for me.
That’s part one.
Part two: my mom was taking me to the ‘second half’ of the show, which was a few days later. She was getting off work early (at 10am… don’t ask why she bothered to go in) and was going to get ready at my house. Which wasn’t actually my house. I was searching and searching for clothes to wear in my closet. There were so many clothes that I couldn’t even push them aside to see others. And they weren’t all mine. Most were my daughter’s, and many were from my high school days, so were all hideous and shrunken! 
I had to look for fancy clothes, but nothing matched. I was looking for either my black skirt, or my black dress pants, but in the mess that was my closet, I just couldn’t find them.
When my mom showed up, time was ticking down. She was already dressed in name-brand clothes to represent some of the companies that would be there, and she wanted me to do the same. That was when I noticed that many of the clothes in my closet were her hand-me-downs. I got right in my closet and started digging, feeling the panic of knowing that time was running out. The show was in Toronto, a two hour drive away, and was soon. “We have enough time,” my mom said.
That was when I started pulling out piece after piece of clothing–all of which were hideous woolen Christmas sweaters. There had to be a dozen of them. I don’t know where they came from. And I still couldn’t find the clothes I was looking for. 
Because time was running out and we had absolutely no possible appropriate outfits, my mom started pulling things out of my closet that would “have to do”. By the way, I was trying on so many clothes that I wanted to cry. My mom ended up making me dress in these yellow bell-bottom like pants with purple flowers on them, and then wear a black/purply bra that was meant to look like a bathing suit beneath a crocheted (and therefore very see-through) black sweater. We found my black high heel sandals and we were ready to go.
This dream of searching must have lasted hours, because my brain is literally exhausted and I feel rather overwhelmed. We’re supposed to be resting at night, but instead, I’m in a clothes nightmare. And when I finally got dressed, I hadn’t even showered, done my hair or makeup. I was supposed to get ready in the car. Yay for me.
The previous three nights I dreamed of traveling. In one night we were in Italy somewhere, and also Tokyo. I was held up at gun AND knife point (at different times) for my money, and the crooks got away with $4000! Then the night after, I dreamed I was in India, where the Ganges River (on top of a hill in my dream) kept overflowing and then would sweep away the streets of the town I was in (set on a hill). Happened 5 times a day, and they had actually created chutes for people to travel through so they did not get injured (yet at the bottom was Niagara Falls… We spent the dream searching the city for a girl we met that had been swept away.
Those are not normal dreams, either, but at least they were not repetitive, stressful, and daunting. Do you ever have dreams like that, where all night you’re trying to accomplish something but you just can’t do it!? Let me know, I love to hear them!

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