Better the Devil You Know…

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They say “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”… and that is a literal interpretation of my dream last night.

I dreamed of a sociopathic Devil (but really, I would imagine the Devil would be sociopathic / psychopathic by default) that was turning unsuspecting or truly fearful people into demons that would do his dirty work. Now, he didn’t look like the Devil we imagine with the horns and red skin and all. No, he was a man dressed in a business suit. Not unlike the character of the book I’m currently writing, Dissecting Dallas (sequel to Exposing Dallas).

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Now, I am not one that believes this or that. But now and again, I have these dreams of the Devil or demons or ghouls… Maybe in last night’s case it was that Halloween is coming and my in-laws were feeding candy corn to my child. I don’t know.

But we were being manipulated by the “Devil we knew” after being turned into demons, and we knew this, but still did his dirty work because we knew that if we didn’t things would not bode well for us. I think Kate Hudson was one of the demons (yeah… I just watched one of her movies).

Anyways, we had to “not” search for these spell books in some old library/book store, and the Devil showed up early to collect our spoils. The new/dumb/naive demon girl with us was punished for her fear of her ‘leader’ and a few of us just stood quiet while the King of Hell berated us on our poor searching skills.

But we did find a few different breeds of dog that he required… Don’t ask me. When my dream ended, we were still in need of a sheep dog (he already had a gopher, a Shih Tzu, and some other mangy looking dog) and we needed the rest of those spell books.

But I was more fearful of the Devil when I was not working for him than when I was. At least I knew what to expect.

My dreams can be pretty screwed up. But this one takes the cake for recent nightmares. (Although, can I say, I did like being able to fly/jump to the highest shelf of the library and hang on like a gremlin)…

I think what I got out of this dream is that it’s better to be closer to someone and know what to expect of their behaviour and how to deal with it than to keep them at arms length and never know what’s coming your way should you be their target. At least, I think… I would rather know exactly what someone is doing/thinking, even if it be negative, than not hear from them for ages, and constantly wonder what they’re thinking, saying, plotting. Even if they’re not.

Oh, and…

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

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