Love Your Characters Too Much?

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How much is too much? Is it too much when you have a crush on your main character? Or should that be a given considering you have created them with love into what you want them to be, exactly what you want them to be? They may have flaws, but for all intents and purposes, they’re your babies, unconditionally loved…
I wrote the original Exposing Dallas about eight years ago. I loved the characters in the book, namely the main character, and while the story was actually not very good because the antagonists lacked motive (yes, we all grow as writers), I still loved my main character, Dallas.
I rewrote Exposing Dallas this summer. Most of the characters are the same, all but two characters and the antagonist in the story. The story is COMPLETELY different from the original. It’s so much better, in my opinion. And it made me fall in love with Dallas all over again. The book ended in what I consider an appropriate spot, but it leaves the possibility of a sequel.
A sequel, you ask? Yes. I don’t know what I think about this. Right now I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about the possibility of diving into Dallas’s world again. Am I nuts? Do I want to do this? I don’t even have an opinion on the first book yet.
So I wonder, when do you let go of your characters? Do I want to spend a year writing a follow up to Exposing Dallas? One where questions that had become unanswerable are possibly answered? Is this just a strange obsession that I should let go of? Have any writers felt this way about their own characters? Or am I just nuts?????????

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