Winter Blues?

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Is it possible that they have come back for a rebound? Probably. Our drive home last night was nothing short of a little scary–I have to say that driving on the highway seems more dangerous than on a quiet back road when it’s snowing like it was. Sometimes people seem to think they’re invincible and go flying past at a ridiculous speed–accident waiting to happen.

Yes, and you may have known from previous posts that I was waiting for some feedback on Exposing Dallas. Well, I got some. My ‘editor’ is only about a quarter way through, but had some small fixes here and there. But that just makes things worse, I think. The wait is sooooooo painful, wondering if she’s going to find huge problems or scenes that need to be completely rewritten. It’s not that I don’t WANT to rewrite the scenes, I’ll do what it takes. After all, as she said last night, we’re just trying to make the book the best that it can be–and it has to top The Lothgoliar. I don’t want to spit out novels as fast as some famous contracted authors out there, without proper consideration of things like the reactions of each character, relationships, or events. But every author knows that sometimes each piece of criticism feels like a little stab to the torso.

Anyhow, I have been told to be patient, that my editor likes my book so far, and to do some other hobbies, like my drawings, to keep my mind off it (ha ha, fat chance). I have done nearly 50 portraits of celebrities over the years, and have had one of Angelina Jolie sitting 3/4 done for the last 8 months. I should probably finish it. I am going to stop my gleeful creative editing of Exposing Dallas until I have received all the feedback from my editor (who I am beginning to think I’m going to have to pay [wink] ) and then edit after that. Get another copy, she can re-read it, my husband can re-read it, and I’ll go from there.

Well, I guess I am speaking for most authors when it comes to how it feels waiting for a review, but maybe there are some people out there who love it. If you do, please offer me your advice. I think together my editor and I can make Exposing Dallas great, but FIRST I have to find out if she even likes the book. Shrug. I guess I just have to wait…

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