F3 Tornado in Goderich, August 21, 2011

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Not a month after an F2 tornado swept through our block, an F3 destroyed areas of Goderich, about an hour and a half north of me. Why does this storm matter to me so much compared to other towns that have been hit in recent years? Well, simply because I know a lot of people from Goderich. Practically half of my high school was from this town, and their families still live there (some of whom I know) even if my friends don’t.

goderichIt’s unbelievable to see places that I’ve frequently been destroyed, and people that I know pulling together to clean up. The tornado resulted in one death and a few dozen injuries, and a lot of damage.

http://www.lfpress.com/news/london/2011/08/21/18582591.html (Local news story with video).

I have been watching footage for the last little while on YouTube. There are some really good videos. I just found this photo montage below that speaks for itself.

I hope everyone is able to recover from the damage. It’ll take a while to rebuild, but old ‘G-rock’ or ‘God-rock’, as Goderich has been nicknamed, is a strong community and has already come together when needed most.

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