Flash Fiction Challenge #25: The Numbers Game

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Our challenge this week at Terrible Minds was to write 100 word story using three of these five words: Enzyme, Ivy, Bishop, Blister, Lollipop. Enjoy.

Wedding, Wedding Ring

A Love Story

Her hairpiece was adorned with ivy, her gown a billowing silver silk that must have been spun from the mane of a unicorn. Her glass slippers sparkled, though threatened to cause a blister. Her prince awaited her before the bishop, hands clasped before him.

His eyes darted up and down her as he beheld her beauty in awe, and he wondered how he had turned out to be so fortunate.

She glided towards him, all else lost in a fog, and saw only his gentle yet yearning demeanour. And she wondered then how it was that luck favoured her so.

© Lindsay Mawson, 2011

14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge #25: The Numbers Game

  1. @Talei – thank you for the compliment. I'd love a unicorn!

    @Angie – I didn't intend to write in any foreshadowing or a 'tickler' but i can definitely see how one can read that. I'm always the first shouting at the TV when someone says "What could possibly go wrong?"

    @Mark – Thank you for reading, and yes, I see the Cinderella thing – I'd just watched "Ever After" and that inspired this…. ha ha.

  2. Lovely fairytale quality to this and it creates an interesting juxtaposition with the image – the words are beautiful but the image makes you wonder what lingers in the mist or if the bishop will suddenly sprout fangs 🙂

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