Flash Fiction Challenge #29: “The Gulls”

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So, our flash fiction challenge this week was to use one of these five words: Frog, Powder, Seagull, Tower, Scissors, as our inspiration for a 100 word story. Short as not to distract writers from NaNoWriMo. Although I’m not participating, I do have a lot of editing to do. So, here’s my input:

Seagull, New, Sea, Sky, Flight, Wing

The Gulls

The seagulls swooped, perched and buried their faces. I could see coiled things hanging from their mouths. No doubt, they were relishing every aspect of this unexpected meal.

The shape that lay beneath them on the sand, of human size and form, failed even to twitch under the assault. I dashed across the sand towards it, prompted by a sense of duty.

The gulls scattered only by feet when I stepped into their midst.

“Frank, wake up!” I shouted. An empty vodka bottle lay beside the homeless man. “The birds are eating all your damned curly fries! You’ll starve, dummy!”

© Lindsay Mawson 2011

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