Flash Fiction Challenge #31: Song Shuffle Stories

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So, I’m back for some flash fiction! It’s been almost a month since posting, and while I’ve done a few of the challenges, I didn’t post them because I didn’t like them enough. You know the holidays, can get busy, and it seems there’s always something going on, on top of working on my upcoming novel Exposing Dallas to be released in June. So. Here it is. Had to hit “shuffle” on our music list, pick a song name, and write a story with the name as the title. 500 words this time. I used the song as a bit of inspiration, since I just love it so much. Song information is below the story.

 Safe, Vault, Steel Door, Banking, General Safe

The Truth Is… (I Lied About Everything)

Rage blinded him.

Ten minutes ago, Dave would have told you he was the luckiest man alive, that nothing could go wrong, that soon, life would be perfect.

But not now. Why? Because of that filthy, ugly, scheming bitch.

“You were so damned gullible,” Minnie said. She reached for his chin, puckered her lips, and said in baby talk, “Just so cute.”

If he could, he’d rip her head off, but she had a gun to his face. Not an action conducive to surviving.

“You know what?” Dave said, his voice seething with fury, “I don’t even give a fuck. Fuck you. I’ve always hated you, anyway. I only conceded to this affair because I wanted in on the money, and the only way to it was through you. You happy? Huh? Oh, and you fucking suck in bed, too.”

Minnie smirked and stepped back a foot, keeping the Walther aimed at his head. “Is that so? That’s not what you said last night.”

“Yeah, well, I lied. I lied about everything! I’ve never really liked you. And—and you know what? I’ve been sleeping with one of your best friends, too.”

Smiling now, Minnie glanced back at Trent, who was currently working away at the massive vault.

“Almost done,” Trent muttered.

Minnie turned back. “Which friend, Dave?”


“Is that so?”

Dave nodded. “Damned right, bitch. You want to tell me now that you’ve been cheating on me with this skinny fucker,” he shouted, pointing at Trent, “then I’ll tell you the truth, too.”

Minnie caressed her gun, and with her heel kicked Dave’s further towards Trent. She had wrestled it away from him in a moment of distraction. It was no longer an option. “Funny, that,” she said. “Because I killed Jen about six weeks ago.”

Dave froze. No one had mentioned Jen’s disappearance, nothing had been reported to the police, or had made it onto the news.

“Don’t worry. I took some of her things, burned ‘em. Made it look like she took off, ran away. No one cared enough to go looking for her. Guess she’s better off dead.”

“Yeah, well, I’d be better off dead than friends with you, too,” Dave spat. He glanced around for a tool of some sort, a weapon, but they stood in a great expanse, the closest object being a fire extinguisher on the wall fifty feet away. Maybe he could run a zigzag, throw off her aim. “You’re a psychotic bitch. I knew it the moment you told me you loved me. No one tells someone they love them after a week. No one.”

“It only took you two,” Minnie sneered. “Even ten minutes ago you wanted to marry me. You poor, poor thing. I know you’re hurting, but I can ease that pain.”

A loud click from the safe. “Got it, Min.” Trent stood.

“Hush…” Minnie whispered to Dave.

Raising his hands before his face proved inadequate as a shield.

© Lindsay Mawson 2012


Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge

Story title is from Theory of a Deadman’s “The Truth Is… (I Lied About Everything)”

See lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/theoryofadeadman/thetruthisiliedabouteverything.html

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