Flash Fiction Challenge #32: Three Sentences for Bear71

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The flash fiction challenge this week at Terrible Minds was a little different. We were to choose of a list of wild animals and write a three sentence story in the perspective (humanlike or not) of that animal. Winners of the contest could have their store involved somehow in a documentary of a bear’s life (Bear71)… It has to be PG-13 for obvious reasons. Not expecting anything here, and we had to post in the comments section of the actual challenge, but I thought I’d put it here for your reading pleasure.

I didn’t mention that this is based on a true story. My husband and I were the tourists.

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“The cars, the people, the stores; none of these things bothered me as I wandered into the center of the mountain resort town, because that bush in the garden outside the hotel looked too delicious to ignore. As two curious, meddling, stupid human tourists passed by, their wonder and excitement at my “unusual” and “amazing” presence was palpable as they reached for their cameras. Leisurely, I munched down on the bush just to get a mouthful, and to show these tourists how much I appreciated their visit, I spun my white-tailed buttocks towards them and kicked dirt in their faces.”

© Lindsay Mawson 2012

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