Flash Fiction Challenge #7 – The Three-Sentence Story

Flash Fiction
Just as the title depicts, our flash fiction challenge this week from Terrible Minds was to write a story in just three sentences. Doing such is a good way to be reminded of the makings of a story: a beginning, middle, and an end. The following is based on a true story, events that actually occurred last night (not to me but my to-be sister-in-law). Enjoy!
Spider Snatcher
The hairy spider, only the size of a dime and the colour of soot, dropped from the ceiling on its line of web under the imposing weight of gravity and landed beside the plate of lasagna, as agile as a cat. The young woman, her dinner so crudely interrupted, screamed in spite of creature’s unobtrusive presence, arousing cries of others in the room that, too, suffered from arachnophobia. One man, however, unfazed by the spider that was poised to pounce at any moment, scoffed at the cowards and scooped the creature by its web in order to carry it outside, thus releasing it into the wilderness of Backyardland.
© Lindsay Mawson 2011

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