I Won! I Won!

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I never win anything, so right now I feel as happy as the old guy from Vegas Vacation!! (See Video Below)…

Do explain, you say.

Well, as you know, there’s a guy named Chuck Wendig that has a blog called Terrible Minds, and this is where I get my Flash Fiction challenges from, amongst hoards of “booze-soaked” writing advice.

Well, you may have noticed a lower number of short stories on here lately, and that is because some of them required posting directly on the site in the comments.

Well, this last week’s challenge was to write 100 WORDS about bullies and the bullied, and the 10 winners would receive a copy of Chuck’s new novella called Shotgun Gravy (An Atlanta Burns Novella, #1)… See more below.

And I was one of the 10 picked! YAY!

Since there are 70+ submissions, I will post what I wrote:

“Why don’t you get a real job?” he says to me.

“Taking care of your kids isn’t a real job?” I demand.

“Not if it doesn’t make us money.”

It’s the same humiliation almost every day. He makes all the money, so he’s allowed to voice his opinion. And he’s right. I don’t do much to support our family. Aside from feeding and bathing the kids, and getting them off to school, I’m pretty useless. I haven’t even had time to write.

“Until you’re Stephen King,” he says, “stop the ‘I’m a writer’ charade. And get a job that pays.”

Now, first off, let me say that in no way does this story represent the relationship between my husband and I (he is the most supportive person I know), but that is not to say that these thoughts have not crossed my mind before, or that of any writer, or stay-at-home-mother. I just happen to be both, so sometimes the insecurities build up. I guess, in that, I am my own worst bully. Lesson learned!!

Anyway! I read an excerpt of Shotgun Gravy and I’m excited to read it! Here’s more about it: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005VEEVXW

So, thanks, Chuck, for picking my name. I’m going to go pick potatoes up from the bottom of my staircase now. (Yeah, and you thought YOU were having one of those days…)

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