The Lothgoliar Paperback Has Reached the Market

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Because of human existence,
they have been forced to retreat
to the most uninhabited places
on Earth; but no longer…
Things are about to change.
Great news! The Lothgoliar 6×9 paperback has reached the online market. It has already arrived on Barnes & Noble, (and Affiliates), Better World Books, and McNally Robinson. It will arrive in more stores daily.

If you don’t want to order online, or you don’t read eBooks, visit your local bookstore, where you can pre-purchase your copy for easy delivery to that store.

Find it on Barnes & Noble right now for a ‘new release’ special rate of 29% off, or $16.18 US.

The Lothgoliar
by Lindsay Mawson


When Josh is introduced to May, he is at once captivated by her. But when an unknown creature comes to them in the night, injured and desperate, May is swiftly allured by his humanlike qualities and agrees to help him.

In the morning, they awaken to tragedy.

Now, Josh must make impossible decisions when it comes to the creature’s fate, and as the death toll begins to rise, he must convince May that the creature is not as innocent as he claims to be.

Before they know it, they are running for their own lives, and their only chance of survival – and that of humanity – rests in dangerous hands.

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