I Guest Blogged on RAEvansWrites Last Month

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This news is rather delayed due to my lack of blogging abilities, but I am finally posting. Last month, I guest blogged on RAEvanswrites.wordpress.com. Rich has done quite a bit of guest blogging in recent days and is now featuring a 7 Deadly Question author interview for his guests, which is very insightful!

Check out my guest blog post here: RAEvans Welcomes Lindsay Mawson…

I recommend following his blog–very interesting, quirky, and you certainly get to know a lot about the author and his works (I had the opportunity to read Asylum Lake and found it just as chilling as it promises). Highly recommend checking out the site!


One thought on “I Guest Blogged on RAEvansWrites Last Month

  1. Lindsay, it was great having you on as a guest. I'm equally excited to have you take part in 7 Deadly Questions! I'm still recovering from Stolen Prey and will be posting a review on my blog this week.

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