What Music Makes Me Want to Write?

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So you’ve probably been wondering what music inspires me to want to write, right? Yup, uh uh, smile and nod. Well, today’s your lucky day!

So, I went and made a playlist, which you will find in the sidebar near the bottom of this page. I picked the best of my songs that just get me in the mood to write, be it because of the lyrics, or the music itself. Some give me the energy I need, some make me really think, and others are just sad. And sometimes you need that sad music to inspire you. I know I do once in a while.

Check it out, sit back and enjoy. Who knows? Maybe one of these songs will inspire you!

2 thoughts on “What Music Makes Me Want to Write?

  1. I'd simply pay my bills on time for once!

    And I see we both like some of the same bands and music! How interesting. I'm going to the Uproar Festival on October 1st near Seattle to get some inspiration from a few of my favorite bands:
    3 Days Grace, Escape the fate, & Seether.

  2. Oh, jealous of you!!! I keep missing all my fav. bands in concert (you know, weddings take precidence)! I've always been a fan of Seether but since their new CD has come out, I'm hooked and have now found songs I missed from their last album that I totally love!

    I also LOVE 3 Days Grace. Saw them in concert in London, ON when they were just starting out. I have to say I'm not familiar with Escape the Fate. I will have to check some of their songs out!!

    Thanks for commenting, Nancy, good to hear from you!

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