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I feel like this fox right now, ready to bear my fangs at the first ‘site’ of the internet…
I just want to let you know that after quite a long time, I have finally lost patience with my current website provider. They are just a small local company and only offer 20MB of space. If you know much about computers, you’ll know this is just not enough space, and of course, I am never actually able to use all of it (don’t ask me why, I’m tired of arguing). So I’ve decided to move to a popular host, where I have so much free webspace that I’ll be able to do cartwheels, maybe even set up a plot of land , build a pasture for horses, brand new house… oh wait. I don’t live digitally (I say tentatively…).
So I am going to try to get my official website back up and running as quickly as possible, so you may run into a few technical difficulties the next few days (like right now, I have no home page because my old host will no longer let me upload anything??). So with your patience I’ll get my website back up and running to full capacity. In the meantime you can still hang around here, and sign up for the contest! You can win a FREE eBook! Why not???

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