What Are These Things? You Say They Are Book Trailers?

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You may have noticed an addition to my blog… that’s right… just over there… yup, in the right hand column. Yes, they are book trailers, one for each of my novels, two of which are published in both paperback and eBook, and one of which is expected to release in 2011. You will notice no play button, but that is because photos represent the trailers, so click on them and a player will open, and then, YAY, you can watch them! And don’t forget to watch them in high definition for the maximum experience.
If you don’t know what a book trailer is, you’re not alone. When I first mentioned my trailers to my family members they were confused, but awed when I explained them.
Well, of course, they are like a movie trailer, but for books. It gets the words off the paper and into motion, with pretty colours and cool pictures (and video if you can afford it!!!!).
You can hire someone to design them for you, but being a ‘renaissance man’ (woman) [okay, and I may not be an expert], I took the challenge upon myself to make my own book trailers. It may show, it may not.
Either way, take a look at the trailers. You may find that the books are right up your alley. Let me know what you think of the videos! I love to hear your comments!!! 

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