Many Stories to Tell but Forever Without A Voice

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IMG_1245I am sad to say that my old oak tree, the one that sits next to my driveway, has been slated to come down this week. I have not lived here long, but that oak tree has represented our property, at least for me, in a big way. I love giant old trees because they remind me of frightening stories, ghosts, haunted houses, etc. This tree was, despite its decrepit, crooked appearance, somewhat majestic. 

Two years ago, it was struck by lightning. It lived to tell the tale (at least to its fellow vegetative counterparts). But last month, it was struck again during the storm that brewed our tornado, and now, in the month since the storm, three quarters of the tree has died.

It’s a shame that we must behead such a piece of history. Think of the eras this tree has lived through, the stories it could tell had it had a voice.

My one pleasure in this is knowing that I have (forever, maybe?) represented this tree on the front cover of Stolen Prey.

Dear Oak:

May you live on as a coffee table and warmth during the cold winter months.
May your roots be forgiving to the tree that takes your place.
May the birds that take shelter in your limbs find solace in those of your neighbouring pines.
May you remain standing until Friday, and not collapse on my house.

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