Sin City, Here We Come

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My husband and I are heading to Las Vegas soon for a much needed getaway. We haven’t gone anywhere since before our daughter was born (and that was just to Niagara Falls for a weekend). I am VERY excited and hope the trip is worth all the anticipation!
The last time we went, delayed flights, monsoons, backtracking on a 40 mile long washed out dirt road, Grand Canyon tours, and Hoover Dam tours, we barely had any time in the city of Vegas itself. On top of that, it was a ‘Family Vacation’, so the siblings brought their significant others, etc. So, naturally, it seemed everyone wanted to stick together. We were at the mercy of the plans of the parents.
This time, it’s just my husband and I, and we are going with literally NO PLANS. Not one. Every trip we’ve been on, specifically when we drove out east and out west, we were stuck to a very rigid schedule, and my husband was stuck driving the majority of the time (something he hates to do, and I don’t blame him). So, if there’s anywhere you can just let loose, it’s definitely Vegas.
We’re hoping to find the cheapest booze we can (because those of us that have been there know how the hotels like to charge $11 for a beer and $15 for a cocktail). We’re not fussy on food. We can eat a big meal twice a day and be fine.
We’d like to go to Coyote Ugly in New York, New York, but I don’t know if we’ll end up being patient enough to wait in the line that supposedly forms.
We’re staying at the Mirage. Honestly, for this trip, I have not done any researching at all. I haven’t even looked up the specifics of the hotel, pool, or anything. I used to be a travel agent, but now, I have become the ANTI-travel agent. Probably the worst traveller out there. I forget everything since having a kid, but you know what? It’s nice!!! I just want to go and wander! 
If anyone has any cost-saving tips, must sees that I might not know about (I have been before, back when they were still building City Center… four years ago?), or any other advice, I’d LOVE to hear it.
I’ve already been told to buy our booze at the variety stores or gift shops to keep in our room because it’s WAY cheaper that way. Any other advice, I welcome with beckoning hands!

2 thoughts on “Sin City, Here We Come

  1. Going on a trip with absolutely no plans is such a FUN way to go!!!

    Sounds like you both deserve this break. Have a blast!

    (Last time we were there, I left some money. See if you can recoup some of it for me, kay?)

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