Ya Learn Somethin’ New…


Back when I first downloaded Windows Live Writer, I had no blog. I had no use for the program. Since then, my mind when adrift and I totally forgot the program existed.

Until today…

I have been learning a lot about CSS and jQuery and just by chance happened to find a “use Live Writer for your blog” demand by another blogger. I checked it out. I had no idea the program was so… well, much better than Blogger’s little post writing area.

I can see exactly how my post will be laid out, and as long as this thing connects properly to my blog, all should be super. There are plugins you can add to, say, insert files, or make your pictures look like Polaroids and all that neat stuff. I am just learning, but it’s so far really snazzy!  I can even insert smileys.

If you want to download it, click here.

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