F2 Tornado Confirmed

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The picture above was taken from Inwood (2-3 km away
from us) of the tornado either just north of
our house or just over it.
You may have read my blog post about the storm we had this weekend that was highly suspect. We wondered if it had been a tornado because the destruction, and it turned out that we were right.
It has been confirmed that an F2 tornado touched down 2 roads north west of us (at those hydro towers that crumpled) and then traveled southeast for 11km at speeds up to 230 km/hr. It was described as a ‘rain wrapped’ tornado, which appears as a wall of white, which was exactly what I described and captured on my video camera. I’m going put it on DVD and then upload it when I get a chance. I only have less than a minute of film of the fire and rain/tornado hitting because we hid in the basement.

Here are a couple of news casts confirming:

EDIT: We went last night for a bike ride. Many of the bails of straw in the ditches had been picked up, but I got photos of some other things!

Bails rolled into the storm ditch from the field to the right.

They’re burning the bails because these ones are impossible to get to. We were a little late for pics.

This is just one of MANY oak trees down along our block.

Speaks for itself, I believe.

These bails were thrown/rolled a long way, from the field to the left. There were actually more another field over that we didn’t see until a few minutes later.

Damage along a neighbour’s driveway.

      Have some more photos below, taken Sunday.

      Shingles off the roof, sticks.
      Our plum tree.
      A neighbour’s.
      Branches in a neighbour’s pasture.
      Branches in our backyard.
      Neighbour’s field.
      Down tree branch on the side of our road.
      Our oak tree, struck for the second time.
      Trees out front of our house nearly ripped from the ground.
      Neighbour’s collapsed aerial and chimney.

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