Once a Creator, Always a Creator

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I can’t help but be obsessed with any sort of art form. Aside from writing, I sketch graphite portraits, I play guitar, and I love taking pictures. But you can’t just go out and buy a digital SLR camera anytime you want. They’re expensive!

I’ve been waiting years for mine, and dear husband bought me one for our 5th anniversary/my birthday/Christmas. It came today! I have been playing with it for a couple of hours. I just can’t begin to say how much better it is any my old Canon Powershot. I mean the camera is sufficient to carry around in my purse, but I hated the quality of the colour, the lighting, and that most of my pictures always looked grainy. No matter how I composed the photos, they just looked like crap.

Not to mention, who has the time to spend 1/2 hour on each picture in Photoshop to get it looking just right? Not me…

I’m still learning—some of the pictures aren’t totally clear—but I just have to read up on how to use all the settings. I’m like a monkey trying to use a computer right now.

Here are some initial pictures below. What do you think?

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