The End of an Era…?

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I finished Dissecting Dallas today.

You’d think I’d be excited, but I actually feel a bit like mourning. It is not for any reason to do with the novel, except that my journey with the characters is over. I’m going to miss them.

And though I’ve been writing this book for almost a year, off and on while editing it’s predecessor, Exposing Dallas, it feels like it didn’t even really happen.

Anyone who’s gotten married or had a child or experienced a significant yet brief moment in their life might understand the feeling of brevity of a wedding… or labour… or anything else, for that matter. Wedding day flies by, and at the end you can’t believe it’s already over. Labour seems long until you’re suddenly holding a child in your arms, and you wonder how it all happened so fast. Soon, it’s just a memory.

That’s what this feels like. I barely remember writing it…

I know I have a long way to go before Dissecting Dallas is near ready to be thrust into the world, and I will have more rendezvous with the characters just yet, but it feels like the end of an era.

To you, who have not even read Exposing Dallas yet, I’m sure you’re thinking, come on, bring it on already, end of what? We haven’t even read the first book yet!

It’s true that I’ve pushed the release date back a bit, and alas, I’m going to have to do this again. BUT, I am doing this because I believe in quality over quantity, and while I know my fans would love me to get another book out already, I do not want them to be disappointed because I ‘rushed’ anything. I want Exposing Dallas to have the utmost care taken in its editing, and while I believe it’s almost there, it needs a few finishing touches. Because it now has a sequel, I want to make sure that everything coincides the way it should, and if changes become necessary in the first book to agree with something in the second, I would rather do this while the book is not yet in circulation!!

I know you understand. So, at the moment, I am saying that I expect Exposing Dallas’s release to take place in June 2012. Should progress in editing go quicker and better than expected, I shall update everyone with a new release date.

Quality over quantity.

So, as for Dissecting Dallas, the sequel, it’s completed and printed, and backed up and sitting. I do not necessarily feel like celebrating. I’m proud of the book, I’m proud of myself, but I feel like the characters are friends that got new lives and no longer have time for me. I’ll see them now and again (well, okay, a lot in the next few months) but it just won’t ever be the same…

In the meantime, watch the Exposing Dallas trailer, and read an excerpt. I promise to deliver Dallas to you soon!


Famed musician Dallas Korbin is about the play the biggest show of his career at Madison Square Garden. He has been trying to ignore the unsettling dreams, the ringing in his ears, the desperate screams of a little boy… and the blood. Tormented by a sudden inexplicable affliction, he finds himself following instinct to confirm if these dreams are more than just that. What he stumbles upon is a dangerous secret and news that will change his life forever. Suddenly, he is being hunted by not just an assassin but also by police, and the only way to escape this mess is by exposing the secret to the world. But at what price?

Read excerpt…










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