When Addiction Isn’t So Bad…

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Obviously, there are some substantial downsides to every addiction, some more so than others. Some addictions have few downsides, maybe none at all if you balance them properly. But then, maybe they aren’t addictions if they don’t affect you negatively.
I had not realized how addicted I was to these flash fiction challenges at Terrible Minds until we didn’t have one this week. I sit here thinking about it at least twice a day since then, hoping and praying we have one this Friday.
A positive that has come from this addiction to flash fiction challenges is that not only am I able to gain readers, but I am also coming up with, I think, some pretty cool ideas for potential novels. Of course, I have a few in the queue already, but I am always wondering what I am going to do once this book is done or that book is done. It’s nice to know I have options.
No flash fiction this past Friday, I am assuming because the host of the challenge’s wife had a baby. I hope to have one on Friday. Otherwise I might just have to start searching for things to write about. But that’s just not as fun. I like reading other writers’ works, too.
So, for now, I am going to get back to Exposing Dallas edits. Managed to get through 50 pages of edits/rewrites today. But that’s the easy stuff. The next few batches will be a challenge. And then we go right back again to the beginning and edit, edit some more.  

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