Where Are You Springtime? And Other Stuff.

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It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote a short story for you guys, and a while since I’ve posted anything but, so I thought I’d give you a quick little update on things to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you!!

We had a mild winter, but we’re also having a long, cool spring. Okay, that is probably not true, I think we just got spoiled a bit in March, so spring feels a lot longer because we’re so greatly anticipating the warm weather again. At least I know I am!!

Spring/summer prep. started early this year, though, because it COULD, and my husband and I have been very busy with outdoor work, and prepping for our BBQ this summer. Gotta get this place looking in tip-top shape!

Much of that time was spent building a playground we bought at Costco (Cedar Summit Mountain View Resort) for our two-year-old, Zoe. We worked through temperatures near freezing, which resulted in both of us getting sick, and we’re just now starting to recover!

I also spent some time building a wooden planter I found via Pinterest (follow me: http://pinterest.com/lindsaymawson/) – one of the only things I have found that I’ve actually tried. I’m not exactly Suzy Homemaker, so this was more up my alley.

Didn’t take very long to build, but nearing the end, I broke enough drill bits (and got them stuck in the wood) to drive me a bit batty, so not exactly in rational mind to write you all a story! Sorry!

Also played computer tech for others quite a bit! (My brother-in-law does gardening and sells bulbs, so I’ve been working on his website, as well as helping my awesome grandmother with her computer).

But, I also have a bit of news that I thought I would share. That is that my husband and I are expecting another baby, this one due at the end of August (halfway there, yay!). We’ve learned via the amazing ultrasonic wave technology that baby is a boy, so I’m sure I’ll have my hands full!

Feeling like crap during the winter (first trimester) is also part of the reason my blog posts were few and far between. Sorry about that.

As for writing news, I’m gunning for my June 2012 release of Exposing Dallas and trying to work hard at editing, but especially at finding a quiet minute around this place during which to do it!

In the mean time, while you’re waiting for spring to spring and looking for something to read while you’re in withdrawal from my lack of regular short stories, check out my novels, Stolen Prey and The Lothgoliar. Both are available in paperback online and all eBook formats. (Got some links in the sidebar, too). Get to it, folks!!

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