Work or Play? Striving Hard and Sipping a Cold One…

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It’s always a struggle when it comes to balancing our lives. Many of us are career-driven; either we want to make as much money as we can, or we want to gain as much notoriety as possible.
I think I fall into the second category, and my husband into the first. With both of us being workaholics, it’s hard to find time for all of us to get together as a family and have plain old FUN!
You may have noticed a slight decrease in the number of posts I’ve made recently, and the entire reason for this is that it’s finally WARM outside!!!!
You bet! That means I’m not on the computer 12 hrs a day (although it’s damned hard to break the habit) and am outside. Okay, so it’s not all play. I am still doing work outside, like gardening, cutting grass, spreading mulch, building sandboxes… it never seems to end. But yesterday we managed to get to the beach! My daughter’s first real trip to that big body of water (Lake Huron) was as we expected. She was unsure of the sand, couldn’t really walk properly, and then tried to eat it. And then, what? She didn’t want to leave!!! I felt the same way. It was so nice to soak in those rays, even if I wasn’t in a bathing suit (which I am now, because it’s so hot outside I’d melt otherwise).
After that, we went to the provincial park and ventured out on a 14 km bike ride. Seems easy enough. After all, the ‘blocks’ that we bike around here are about 8-10 km. But this was up steep hills (and down, thank God) and it really tested our endurance.
Pushing myself that hard felt good. When I reached the top of those hills without walking the bike at all, I felt like I had really accomplished something. And it made me wonder if I worked that hard on my recent novel. I mean, I love it to bits, but now that I think of certain scenes, nearly a year after writing it, I feel like I can make them so much better. And if I can make them better, why didn’t I do that to begin with?
Food for thought, anyways. Are you doing the best that you can do?
I was going to start working on Exposing Dallas today, but I went back to trying to find a decent ‘recent posts’ widget for my blog. Do you know how many days I spent working on this? Probably six over the course of the last two months. Finally, today, with much determination, stubbornness, and focus, I was successful. Now, I can move on.
I may just sit back and enjoy a nice cold one now, in the hot, hot sun, where bumblebees are the size of humming birds and serenity means my child is having a nap.

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