Yikes! The Places Virtual Research Can Take You…

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So, I finally mustered up the energy and courage to begin brainstorming edits for my book, Exposing Dallas. Much research, I believe, is done while writing the second draft. You find out what works, what doesn’t, and then you need to make changes, compromises. Well, on this rainy day, my daughter is sleeping, my husband is sleeping, so it’s a chance to get some work done.
I’ve been doing some brainstorming, writing out ideas, what could work, what doesn’t, and therefore doing a lot of internet research. Sometimes you come across some weird things. Sometimes you come across something completely by accident. While writing Stolen Prey, I was really struggling with one bit relating to spy equipment. Not knowing much about it, I had to delve deep into websites selling spy equipment, and with not much luck. Well, by accident I found the perfect technology that fit amazingly well into the story, as though I had written the book knowing that this technology would be featured, instead of the flimsy one that I had put in.
Anyway, you know what I just came across? I honestly didn’t think it existed. I found a website advertising hitmen services. Yes, of course, we all think of hitmen as being ‘underground’, working for the mob, dirty politicians, etc. I never expected to click a link onto a website not only advertising their services, but also explaining to the visitors how they operate, what types of kills they do, how they perform them, and how the bullets react inside someone’s head. Good Lord, I hurried off that page, lest the spying government thinks I’m looking for those services for myself.
I often wonder if the government realizes that people like me are typing in these strange search queries for research purposes only, or if they actually think we’re threats to society. I feel like I just peeked behind the curtains at a sleazy strip club, behind which the Mafia’s doing shady business. I feel dirty. Yes, I write about this stuff, but it’s fictional. I have no desire for it to make its way into MY life.
Just thought it was interesting. Ever come across any really weird things when you were researching on the internet for something?

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